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Post by Zaneyx on Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:10 pm

If you wish to be a moderator (only accepting moderators), please make a new topic and fill out this forum. Yes, you have to be experienced with forumotion and have to enforce and frequently post once in a while, answer newb questions and all that. In order to qualify as being mod, it's not all about filling just an application. Here you must total up to 6 points.

How well you posted the application including the template - 2 points
How long you been on the forum(I suggest weeks.) - 1 point
How much you set an example of how you follow by the rules(this includes your general behavior in the boards). - 3 points


Forum Username:
Why you wish to be staff: (Give a brief description of 2 paragraphs of why and how you may contribute to the forums.)
Activity: (Approximate how long you have been on this forum. You can say weeks, days, months, years, etc.)

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