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Post by Zaneyx on Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:26 pm

Attention users--

There has been a new feature added called "Forum Gold" which is displayed under your profile information. You can see in posts or go to Profile-->See my Profile.

What is Forum Gold?
It is rewards for posting on the site each day (+1 gold each post, +3 gold each subject made). These rewards can be redeemed for special subscriptions such as having a special rank, exchanging gold for other purposes such as making avatars or making other requests that other users can do. Yes, users can give each other gold but an admin has to modify it.

Why Forum Gold?
Some people would say that it's pointless but the real reason is keeping the forum updated and active itself. We aren't trying to make this a second game-just an active discussion board where users may exchange ideas about the game. Of course, it is well displayed in the Fusion-force home page so that people can see it. Why make this forum active anyway? Because it has information that users will need to know such as news/progresses/maintance and for other things that might help them that are shared by other users. If they think it's just an FAQ forum , why bother going on the site anyway?
(We aren't yet sure if there are prices to exchange forum gold for in-game gold or other acessories.)

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