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Please Read Before Posting! Empty Please Read Before Posting!

Post by mrbookie on Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:20 pm

Users and the staff must abide by these rules or considered themselves banned for a period of time. It can be a lot but we'll appreciate it if you take your time reviewing it and understanding these concepts.

Language Rules
Please understand that some of the people here are under the age of 13 so please keep cursing to a minimum.
We also ask that English is the language spoken in the forum for obvious reasons. Of course we do not mind people saying certain Phrases or words in another language for comedic effects.

Spamming Rules
Please no pointless messages. No one worded sentences. No Excessive use of the Caps feature. No annoying advertisements. Also if you decide to post somewhere please make sure it is on topic. We keep our flood control useful so don't double post. Keep all your ideas/comments/etc. in the same post until the next person replies.

Inappropriate Pictures
Images that are posted unneccesarily will be deleted. This includes in userpics, signatures, and posts. Inappropriate pictures follow by -
Pornography, General Harrasement, threats to the site, linking to torrent sites, and disgusting images rated over pg13.
Note; For your safety and privacy, please do not post real life pictures of yourself, friends, or family. Not even hobos. Unless it's a cartoon hobo. Smile

Please don't start a thread ranting about what other people are posting. If you don't like the topic move on to another thread. If their topic is breaking a forum rule please report it.

Impersonating Staff
No posing as a moderator, administrator or a fusion-force faculty member.

Harrasement can be a violation to the terms of service to forumotion and to the internet. In that way, please don't harrass the users of our forums. That means teasing them ongoing or violating their privacy. Examples can be:
- Pestering them
- Being a generic pervert
- Posting real life pictures of them without permission
- Calling names/insulting/ and critisizing.

Illegal Material
No Pornography - Although not illegal this is definitely a No-No, simply because we are all here to have fun. Some people might take offense to that and this is also a family site.
No child Pornography - Unlike regular Pornography this is illegal and we could risk getting our site shut down if any child pornography is found.
No Illegal File sharing - This is a less extreme offense but we would rather keep it out of our forums
No Plagiarism - Don't take credit for what is not yours.

Annoying Posting Styles
- If we find a posting style too irritating for the eyes or too hard to read, we will change the font to default or DELETE THE MESSAGE WITHOUT WARNING

The staff have the power to make their own rules in order to keep order in the forums. We ask that the Staff respectfully use this power and not abuse it. Their harsh punishments for those who abuse this rule.

The staff have the right to edit and change these rules. The word of the Staff is final.


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